Coordinadora de colles castelleres de Catalunya

Who We Are

The Coordinadora de Colles Castelleres de Catalunya was born in 1989 with the following goals: look after the colles' shared interests; promote human towers and, mainly, guarantee that the activity's risks are properly covered by the adequate insurances. 

Today the Coordinadora (the colles' coordinating body) gathers more thant 60 colles or teams. It is ruled by a board of directors formed by the representatives of twelve of these teams. It is elected by the assembly every three years. 

E-mail: sagfsdgcoordsagfsdginadosagfsdgra@ccsagfsdgcc.casagfsdgt
Telephone: 977 605 206
Address: Carrer Major 2, 43800 - Valls (Tarragona)
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