Coordinadora de colles castelleres de Catalunya

Social values

Along with the concepts of showmanship, passion, integration and diversity that characterise castells and the groups, the values underpinning this activity form the basis of its strength, its elegance and attractiveness. These values are teamwork, effort and the spirit of self-improvement and achievement.

Teamwork. Building a castell is the sum of numerous individual contributions that come to fruition as the result of a process in which everyone in the group plays their own defi ned role, from taking the strain at the base, closing the pinya tightly or keeping the whole thing balanced, right down to the youngest children who crown the tower.

Effort. Every castell, every goal set by a group is the result of a work plan produced by the group leaders and performed week after week for months, sometimes years.

Spirit of self-improvement and achievement. This spirit is what drives the groups to explore new challenges that stimulate team members and excite huge sections of the community, who do not hesitate to turn out to support their group and cheer them on when they set themselves a new goal.

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