Coordinadora de colles castelleres de Catalunya

Tradition and modernity

Castells are an activity that, to a large extent, remains faithful to a spirit and practices dating back 200 years: being a fundamental part of the annual festival, the accompanying music, and the actual forms of the castells are just some of the elements that have been passed down from generation to generation. This link with tradition, however, does not imply that castells have not been able to change and adapt to new times. In fact, it is precisely this ability that explains their incredible longevity and the vitality they still show today.

These changes have been both technical and social, such as the increasing numbers of women taking part. Tradition has not prevented castells from being the subject of a number of scientific studies aiming to improve the safety of people taking part. This kind of research has led to designing special protective head gear worn by the youngest children. Finally, castells are receiving major coverage in the media, specially in the Catalan public TV, which has chosen them to display the latest tecnology, like 3D. 

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