Coordinadora de colles castelleres de Catalunya

The Human Towers

Castells, or human towers, are one of Europe's most genuine and unique cultural displays. Under the traditional motto of "strength, balance, courage and seny" (a Catalan expression encompassing virtues such as good sense and calmness), castells are an excellent way of showcasing Catalonia to the world. Watching, or even better, taking part in a castells display is a thrilling experience that really highlights under a single project the individual and collective struggle for improvement, the effort involved in achieving a goal, the solidarity and spirit of cooperation between people of all ages, conditions and abilities.

On November the 16th, in Nairobi (Kenya) Unesco aproved the inscription of human towers on the Representative List Of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, giving then a universal recognition to this element. The Unesco statement said: "Human towers are recognized by Catalan people as an integral part of their cultural identity, transmitted from generation from generation and providing community members a sense of continuity, social cohesion and solidarity."


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